"Rolling Sea" Release April 28!

"Rolling Sea" Release April 28!

 Our New Album Out Now!

Our New Album Out Now!


Our Tale

The Dead Sailor Girls were born during the eclipse of 2012, in our lair just off the coast of San Francisco. Our  band plays mermaid rock. We bring from our undersea lair shimmering melodies, melodic bass lines, distorted guitar licks tinged with primordial blues, and a steady rock n roll heartbeat to create joy in the hearts of pirates and sea wenches.  Echoes of the Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Siouxsie and the Banshees,  Scottish ghost songs, and jelly fish tentacles of love have resulted in a sound called by those-in-theknow: Psycho-Jelly.  

Our debut album, ROLLING SEA, was released on April 28 on the Blue Rose Music label.

 The Dead Sailor Girls

the band

Vocals   /   Eve Hay

Guitar and Vocals   /    Julietta Hay

Bass   /   Ned Doherty

Drums   /   John  Stuart

Our  album, Rolling Sea, is now out. Have a listen, Sea Dogs, and acquire your own copy on our Swag page (soon to be published)

 Our new album, Rolling Sea, is out now! Click above to experience our songs in the Psycho-Jelly genre.

Our new album, Rolling Sea, is out now! Click above to experience our songs in the Psycho-Jelly genre.






Talisman EP

by The Dead Sailor Girls

Released 2014


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 Read Full review here!!

Read Full review here!!

The Dead Sailor Girls Release New Music Video

Summer might arrive in a few weeks, but here on VENTS we couldn’t wait and we are bringing you a nice track for that time of the year courtesy of the properly titled band The Dead Sailor Girls who have unveiled their video for their latest single “Magic Potion,” the video showcases the band as they sing along the song from a pretty “seaful” themed room. The track has this nice Beach Boys feel that many would surely appreciate.
— Vents Magazine 05/03/2017
 press the button to hear and see review!

press the button to hear and see review!

From the Atwood Magazine review of "Dance of the Broken Heart":

"Ingrained in their sound are the same forces that drove surf rock of the 1950s and gave us The Beach Boys, and manifests itself today in surf punk... The Dead Sailor Girls are simply harnessing that same sort of inspiration that generations of rockers (and long before them, generations of seafarers) have and making it their own–arguably, more originally than many other groups around today. "- Atwood Magazine

To read the whole awesome interview, and hear the song, click below:


March 9, 2017 - via Pancakes & Whiskey

We are happy to premiere yet another great tune for you all today called “Magic Potion” by The Dead Sailor Girls. Drenched in throwback goodness, jangly guitars, a solid backbeat, and that fantastic harmony; this tune brings the magic we need in today’s muddled scene. The band is based out of San Francisco, and the ocean plays a large part in their influence.  Eve and Julietta  like to dress as  mermaids  for their live shows - and invite the audience to do the same.  Luckily for us, we don’t have to wait long for more music as their debut album, Rolling Sea, produced by Karl Derfler, is scheduled to be released on 4-28-17 for Blue Rose Music.

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 our record release news on BWW!

our record release news on BWW!

 Review on Punchland 04/13/17

Review on Punchland 04/13/17

“Sail Away” has an ethereal feel. The tune has movement that actually seems to carry the song forward, almost as if really sailing away. The band uses the Pacific Ocean that they live near to inspire them and their music. The track itself was produced by Karl Derfler whose credits include work with Tom Waits, Not Doubt, and Live.”
— PUNCHLAND Music - Elizabeth Schneider
Quote from the DSG: “Sail Away is about the moment you realize you’ve found the person to share your life with and then having the courage to leap into the unknown…trusting that love will carry you above any sorrow.”
The new album ‘Rolling Sea’ due for release next week comprises of eleven songs and the featured track ‘The Last Tasmanian Wolf’ gives some feel for this fine album. Indie and alt rock, sometime upbeat and even a little gritty, other times softer and quite refined, the album mixes the genres and every song carries it’s weight, well worth a full listen at the least.”
— beehivecandy.com