Our Tale

The Dead Sailor Girls were born during the eclipse of 2012, in our lair just off the coast of San Francisco. Our  band plays mermaid rock. We bring from our undersea lair shimmering melodies, melodic bass lines, distorted guitar licks tinged with primordial blues, and a steady rock n roll heartbeat to create joy in the hearts of pirates and sea wenches.  Echoes of the Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Siouxsie and the Banshees,  Scottish ghost songs, and jelly fish tentacles of love have resulted in a sound called by those-in-theknow: Psycho-Jelly.

The Dead Sailor Girls

the band


The Dead Sailor Girls were originally the project of songwriter/guitarist Julietta, and vocalist Eve, her daughter. Craving a rhythm section, we shanghaied Ned Doherty on bass, and drummer John Stuart from the high seas. John left and was replaced by Tim Vaughn and Bruce Duchenaux.

We are a movable feast. At various gigs we have been joined by other wandering sirens and mermen, including Julietta’s other daughter, Hayley, and guitar wizard Philbillie Milner.